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Thank u to everyone that visits the site. I appreciate each one of u guys !!!!


Setting on Ventura

Apple Music & TV on your Xbox !!!

Now, Xbox has bought back custom Soundtracks for the Xbox. So u can now jam out and play games. Finally XBOX!!! And when u do that it will be in your device list like this. 

Hey Guys on this video I talk about the audio problem when I updated my iPhone. No more wired headphones if u update to this one. I got a iPhone 12 Pro Max. No youtube volume and music is choppy. 

iPhone 14 cases maybe 

Some Rumors are that Apple is bringing this back in November and it will be integrated with Cloud drive. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide-Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide-Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide-Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide-Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide-Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide-Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Regular Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Max Regular Lens

M1 Family 

New  Dice Model for the M2 Extreme​ 

Customer Reviews 

Customer Reviews 

A picture of me with on my Computer.

And a picture of me now. 

New Apple Carplay Dashboard. The words are in bold and stand out better. I love it. 

New Wallpaper for your Apple Carplay. I love the different ones, & hope we will get more. 

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Welcome to! Our mission is to make sure you are connected to the world. We are here to ensure that your computer, whether old or new, is perfect for you every time you use it. Additionally, we make it easy for you to understand computer knowledge and have the skills to use it. We offer a range of premier services, from TV setup to Blu-Ray player setup.

About Us is an information technology company that serves clients all over Memphis and Germantown in Tennessee as well as in Mississippi. Our professionals see to it that their computers function efficiently. In addition, we look forward to working with you and helping you increase your knowledge about computers while showing how fun it is to use.

We make it simple for you to understand computer knowledge so you can increase your business or work day. If you have an old computer (Windows 7 operating system) when you call us, please let us know. We are open for business 24/7 for you. Additionally, we provide one-on-one assistance and go directly to our clients to serve them.

Our Sincerest Thanks

Everyone around the world thanks for coming to the site. As people who are passionate about teaching people how to work on computers, we are sincerely thankful. In addition, if you have an iPhone, you can save my website as an app on your iPhone. Just visit our website on your iPhone, click the icon that looks like a box with an upward-pointing arrow, and then click to the home screen.

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All the Upcoming Apple Products for 2021