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IOS 15 Features 

Facetime is getting some New features from IOS 15

Spatial Audio is one of the New Features coming to Facetime, also when u are on a call you now have voice isolation to drown out the background noise. Wide Spectrum is another feature on Facetime it picks up the whole room. Some other cool features are Grid View so u know which person is talking and Portrait Mode blur the background and focuses the shot on u. Next, to help u schedule your Facetime calls is Facetime Links. You can use this with people that have google phones or Windows PC's. Next, is Shareplay you can listen to Music together or watch a together or Share your Screen. 

     In IOS 15 Messages is getting new sharing features for its messaging app that will make it easier to view photos, articles and music shared in your chats. A new "shared with you" feature will track content shared within message threads across your devices. So, when someone sends multiple photos in a thread, "shared with you" can automatically pull the images into the Photos app.  And, when you browse the shots in Photos, you can easily jump back into the message thread where they were originally shared. The messages app will also arrange the images into a new collage layout that makes it easier to swipe through the photos quickly in-thread. Apple Music app will be able to track playlists that are shared in message threads in the new “shared with you” section. The feature also works with Apple's TV and Podcasts app. And it works arounds all Apple Devices. 

Focus is another cool tool for IOS 15 it lets u Focus on what is important to u. When u get a lot of notification it can be hard to see what is important and what u can do later.  So, now there is notification summary which can be schedule on your time. And if people can send u notification they will not end up in the summary, so u do not mess that imporant call. 

Live Text is a cool feature coming to IOS 15 

Apple has introduced a new feature to its camera system that automatically recognizes and transcribes text in your photos, from a phone number on a restaurant to a whiteboard full of notes. Here are Some of the Language is knows. 

IOS 15

         First, lets talk about what is new with Wallet. Now when u check in to a hotels your room key will be in your wallet. Car Key is another way to unlock your car and Walt Disney has put the Disney pass on the Wallet too. In the Fall you will be able to scan your ID and put in your Wallet. 

   Second is weather, Weather is getting a massive update in IOS 15. Last is Apple Maps is also getting a massive update in IOS 15. 

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