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App Library is now available for Ipad & it is built into the dock on the iPad. 

Multitasking allows u to work on two things at once in Split View. And if u want to change an app just swipe down and the first project moves to the side. So u got the split-screen going & u open the mail u can hold it and center-right on the page then go back to what u were working on. Apple has a new area called the self where u can save mail or anything u are working on. If u want to create a split view u can just drag one app into another to create a split view. 

This is Self on Ipad. So basically it is like in windows when u want to go between tabs.  

To open a Quick Note swipe at the corner of the screen to bring up a quick note. And swipe it back down to the corner of the screen. Quick note knows what app I am in

This is coming to iPad 

This allows u to speak in your natural voice and it does the work for u.  And u can Translate text in a photo. 

Learn to Code with this app, now u can Build your apps on an iPad. 

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