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IOS 16

Now Customizing your lock screen is better than ever.  Also, u can add your workout rings to the lock screen or change the color of your picture & the font can now be changed too. 

Focus on IOS 16 is better than ever, now u can have multiple lock screens, for the different tasks u are focusing on. With focus filters, u can filter all the other tabs u are working on and focus on just the work ones if u want. 

Now, with messages, u can edit your message right there no more deleting the text. The Second new feature is this: Third is u can mark a text has unread. 

Shared with You was introduced last year. & u can share with these apps. Also, everyone is enjoying shareplay.  

With shareplay u can share whole albums or watch a tv show together, now in IOS 16, u can share within your facetime call.  And when u do this screen on the right pops up and u can share any app. Next, shareplay in messages. 

Now, if u got a movie. u want to share u can open messages right there and share it. Next, is Dictation?

With IOS 16 u can fluidly move between voice & touch. Now when u start dictating the keyboard stays open u can swipe between the two. Now the translating app got cooler. We can use the built-in camera to translate text into any language. 

Wallet for iPhone 

With IOS 16 u can add your driver's license to your Apple wallet, not all states have this yet. And at the airport, u can do TSA on Apple wallet now also, if u order food from Uber eats u can & u buy a drink. just show your driver's license on Apple wallet. Now with IOS 16 Apple Keys for wallet got some upgrades. One of those upgrades in u can share your keys in messages or mail & if your friend received a key they can add it to their wallet. With keys, u can open your hotel room, your car, or your house. 

Apple Pay Later less u divide the payments into 4 equal payments over 6 weeks with 0 interest & no fees. And Apple Pay Order tracking the Seller can update u on when the order is coming or coming late. Now, let's talk maps. 

Apple Maps 

Now, with multistop routing, u can plan up to 15 stops in advance & if u have a route u take before it stores it in recent. And if u plan your trip on your mac u can transfer it to your iPhone. Siri can add stops for u while u keep on driving. 

Now with the maps, u can see when a bus departs or if it is late. Same with trains are leaving the station. And with wallet it can tell u how much it will cost u or if your balance is running low u can reload the money. 


With Homekit One of the new features is if u are working at your desktop & u hear the doorbell you can see who is at the door before answering the door.  Another cool feature is if u go to bed and forget to turn the lights off u can turn them off from the app. If u are on a business trip u can see if the doors are locked or change the temp in the house. Apple and others have created a new company called matter. 

Matter uses the apple Homekit interface to help connect all devices in the home. The early stages. 

Here is a Sneak Peek at the Future of Carplay. With Customized Dashboards. 

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