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Over 1 million apps for Ipad. Also, we got an all-new sidebar so u can do more work. Next, u  have Siri, where it will be at the bottom of the right corner.  

Siri is New on the iPad. 

With Siri on Ipad, it gets better., when u use Siri it comes up on the bottom right corner on your Ipad. And making calls gets better too.  

This is what u see now when someone calls u now. It does not take up the whole screen now. Also, iPhone customers will get this too finally. 

The search was build from the ground up to be universal Search. U can get to were u are going faster. It's great for finding contracts too. Another great thing is now u can use it for web results too. 

Apple Pencil 

Now, Scribble is here to save the day. When u scribble on the drawing it will turn it into typed text. Also, now u can go into the web and scribble something into the search field & get turned into typed text. 

Trackpad Gestures