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!!!! New Operating System for Mac !!!

The Mac OS is richer with colors and has buttons that appear when u go up to the menu bar. Also, in this OS apple brings the control center to this year's Mac OS. Widgets are on the new Mac OS & I can customize to add some new ones to my Notifications center. Maps have gotten an upgrade on the new OS. You can now check your gate number, & u got look around on the new maps. Your friends can now share there ETA with u so u know how long it will take. Now on the new safari users can click this button in the upper left to see how that website is tracking u. Recipe Filter is a great new extension for your browser. If u go to a website that is not in your language apple will translate it for you inline. 

The icons stand out more in the new OS.

On the new OS, the Buttons appear and disappear when u click on the newly design toolbar & it looks beautiful. 

Some of the new upgraded things on BIg Sur 

Screencast is $4.00 US and it is the best recording screen app to use. 

A new‚Äč way to get to your Iphone setting on the Computer. 

When I plugged my phone into the computer & I opened iTunes nothing happened. So, I clicked on my Hard Drive I made a shortcut to my desktop for my HD. When I opened it up on the left side my Phone was there and I clicked on it and this is what I saw. 

The new button layout on the new OS is Fresh. It has a new bold look to the computer. from Emptying your trash to saving Docs it is great. 

To get to the widgets u first click on the date and time at the top then it brings out the widgets down. 

Screen Time Widget 

Apple Silicon