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My iPhone 11 Pro Max

A Week with my Metal Green iPhone 11 Pro Max 

I Live in Memphis Tn and I went Downtown and filmed Different things happening in Memphis this past week. The Best iPhone I have ever owed. I had the iPhone 7 Plus so very happy I waited. it was worth it. Next is Some pics from downtown Memphis. More to come. 

These pics were taken in pitch black!!! The Night Mode on the 11 iPhone Pro Max

These pics were taken in pitch black!!! The Night Mode on the 11 iPhone Pro Max

Memphis Bridge 

When the lights are coming on 

The Memphis Changes Colors I was able to get this picture of one of the changes. 

Getting Good with the feature Night Mode on the iPhone. 

Night Mode shot and downtown Memphis 

Next is Wide Angle shots of My Beautiful City from the Pro Max

7 gen iPad 2019